• The Leading Annual Event for the Sector returns on 27th November...
  • Record Audience this year so please book early to guarantee your place

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Care Homes & Retirement Living 2018

Record Audience expected for the Annual Care Homes & Retirement Living Event on 27th November. Join us for the leading event for the sector. #LDEProperty #CareHomes2018

Care Homes Conference

Join 500 of the leading figures in Retirement Living Property on 27th November

Care Homes Update

Hundreds of the Leading players in the Retirement Living Sector expected on 27th November at Annual Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference....


Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference Agenda

The Leading Conference for the Care Homes and Retirement Living Sector takes place on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London WC2

  • Returning for an 9th Year, the largest event for the sector  - join hundreds of the leading players in Retirement Living Property
  • Following a record audience last year of almost 500 delegates, we are expecting this to grow in 2018 as the sector continues to expand, find out why on 27th November
  • Over the last nine years this Conference has become established as the must attend event for those operating in, developing in, investing in, or working with, Care Homes and Retirement Living in the UK.
  • The day provides a detailed update on the different Senior Living Markets, looks where investment is coming from, and crucially analyses where the opportunities are for both those investing and operating in the sector.
  • Excellent High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the Retirement Living Property Sector attending

This event is likely to sell out again so please book early to guarantee your place.

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Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference 2018 
De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 - 65 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5DA


Conference Timetable

9.30am - Morning Session - Includes Networking Coffee Break

  • Where does the Care Home & Retirement Living Sector fit in the current Economic and Political Environment?
  • Understanding the Future Investment Prospects for Senior Living Products – where do they fit when compared to other property investment propositions?
  • Where does Retirement Living fit with Residential Property and other alternative Property Asset Classes?
  • How are property investment markets looking following Brexit and what does this mean for Care Homes & Retirement Living?
  • Understanding Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living Villages, Extra Care and Care Homes. Where does each fit and where are the big opportunities for investors in these markets?
  • Exactly what is available now to house older people and what is the capacity of existing stock?
  • What shortfall does this leave and where are the opportunities?
  • How might the market evolve over the next ten years?
  • Finding the right Operator for your Care Home Investment
  • How do we reduce reputational risk and deliver strong returns by aligning with the right operation?
  • How should it be structured? Should Care be provided or is a long lease better?
  • The pros and cons of possible structures
  • Unlocking the Opportunity - where can an investor get into the Care & Retirement Market and where are the smart 2nd tier opportunities?
  • How do we analyse risk v return?
  • Looking beyond the Basic Demographics Argument of an Ageing Population – understanding the real target market.
  • How is the market segmented and how can operators & investors best understand what these customers want and when?
  • As customers get older & their care needs increase, how can a scheme evolve with them and what should be considered at the start to allow this to happen?
  • What does this mean for the short & long term investment proposition and where should investors & operators look for opportunities?
  • What makes a good site for a Care Home or a Retirement Living Product?
  • How can an investor in the market choose the ideal location and what are the key considerations?
  • Future evolution in this market – will locations actually be more in town than out?
  • What are the pros and cons or a town centre, or a more rural location?
  • Looking at the key planning issues – what are the key considerations?
  • Understanding the Planning advantages of Retirement Living Property & where it fits
  • How can we meet the planning challenges in the sector and what do recent planning enquries and appeals demonstrate?
  • Practical Examples & Case Studies of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Risk & Return Across the Sector - What are the short and long term investment options for Care Homes? Where should investors be looking for a return? What are the risks & how can they be overcome?
  • How do we make the market simpler for investors as we look to the future?
  • What are the key concerns for investors when it comes to Care Home & Retirement Living markets and how can these concerns be confronted and addressed?
  • It there really any risk of enfranchisement?
  • Understanding the Role of Dementia in the Housing & Care for Older People Market
  • Where are we with the treatment of Dementia and what does the future hold?
  • What are the housing and living needs for those with Dementia and how can operators best provide this? It is possible to integrate Dementia Care with Senior Living products for those with lesser needs?
  • What is the future of Care & Housing for people with Dementia?
  • The Retirement Housing Product – Understanding this segment of the market
  • What are consumers looking for and where are the development & Investment Opportunities?
  • How should developers target those who are downsizing and looking to release equity from their current properties?
  • What kind of products are likely to attract these buyers and how is this market likely to evolve?
  • Where do the buyers come from & does this sector of the market face similar challenges to straight Residential when it comes to Delivery & Planning?
  • Briefing & Panel Session on the Future of the Care Homes Sector
  • Where is the Care Homes Market going and what does this mean for investors in the sector?
  • Is there any impact on the sector from Brexit or does this present an opportunity for this market?
  • Who are the main target market?
  • Does the Real Opportunity Area in Housing for Older people lie with the Not for Profit Provider?
  • Can the long term view taken by Not for Profits provide a more secure investment stream?
  • Where are we with private payers & those who are state funded?
  • Where are the opportunities for those entering the sector and operating within it?
  • How can we ensure that people are provided with the Care that is really needed?
  • How can investors overcome the challenge of reputational risk and build structures to ensure that this isn’t an issue?
  • What do the newly defined ‘Event Fees’ mean for the overall business in Retirement Living?
  • Is this clarity of structure exactly what investors, operators and consumers have needed?
  • How should the operational business model be delivered & what do investors & operators need to consider?
  • Looking at Rental Models and where they fit for Retirement Living
  • Private Rented Retirement Accommodation v Shared Ownership Accommodation - where is the opportunity and how should it be structured?
  • Managing a strong Retirment Living Operation
  • How can we drive value through a good operation?
  • Building a brand that modern older people can connect with
  • What do older people really want from housing and how can we move away for outdated stereotypes to deliver a more sophisticated marketing Campaign?
  • How to really understand the consumer

1.10pm - Networking Lunch Session

2.10pm - Afternoon Session

  • Investor Panel Session
  • The Future of Investment and Funding into the UK Senior Living Markets, who will be involved and what will attract investment?
  • What trends are starting to appear when it comes to investment and where is it coming from?
  • What assets are currently of particular interest?
  • Is there interest in difficult assets?
  • How established are capital markets in Care Homes Investment?
  • Understanding what the fund managers want
  • Looking at US Reits and Overseas money and why it is coming in
  • Risk or Return - which is the preferred route?
  • The funders view on the market - what is currently fundable?
  • How is investment in Retirement Villages evolving and is this an opportunity area?
  • Are London and other City Centres the reall opportunity areas?
  • Design, Construction & Technology – Understanding how good design, modern construction methods and evolving technology can all play a part in the Future of Senior Living Property.
  • What do we need to design for retirement living property and how can it be delivered?
  • How key is adaptability when delivering a scheme in the Modern Market to ensure a secure long term investment?
  • How do we balance modern innovation and design with the specific needs of older people?
  • What are the emerging design features and how might design look in the future for the sector?
  • Understanding the Role Technology can play in the future of the Sector & How it can support the needs and lifestyles of older people.
  • Where will off site and modular construction fit into the market and & what other construction advantages should operators & investors be looking at?
  • What kind of buildings and communities should the forward thinking operator be building & how might this evolve in the future?
  • Will town centre taller blocks, similar to those in the US, and to normal Residential in the UK, become more common?
  • How do we increase Density and really deliver in cities?
  • Looking ato models from around the world that deliver density in city centres
  • Looking to the Future – How will the Senior Living Property markets look in Ten Years time?
  • Some Leading Industry Figures give their views on how the market might look in the longer term, so that investors & operators can consider their business plans.
  • How might the investment offering evolve and mature, and what is likely to happen to values, returns & structures? Who might the key players be and will the market be more straightforward?
  • What does the future of the market hold – what kind of products will providers focus on?
  • What does this mean for assisted living products, retirement living communities & Care Homes themselves?
  • Are there emerging investment opportunities for Joint Ventures between the Public & Private Sectors?
  • Looking at the Long Term Prospects for the Care Homes & Retirement Living Sector
  • How do we modernise existing stock and how can this be made viable?
  • How does the market need to recalibrate to prepare for the future?
  • Are we likely to see social care & housing budgets combine and how could this help?
  • Where is the role for Rehabilitative Care in the whole picture and how does this need to evolve?
  • Is looking at more Mature Overseas markets an insight into the future of the UK Retirement Living Market?
  • What works from Overseas & what doesnt?
  • What can we learn from the US, Australia & New Zealand, and the rest of the world?
  • How do we provide a product that is attractive and affordable for the middle market?
  • How might this sector of the market develop over the next ten years and what opportunities will it provide? Is this the real big opportunity area in the next ten years? Will Shared-Equity & Rental Models come to the fore to make everything more Affordable?
  • How big is the high end of the market and how do we see this developing?
  • Is a higher level of service and luxury something that more and more older people might look for or is the demand for this finite?
  • What kind of overall operation will be key in the future?

Close and Networking Drinks Session for Speakers & Attendees


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