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Retirement Living Conference

Join all the leading figures in Retirement Living Property on 24th November

Care & Retirement Living Conference

Sell out audience of the Leading players in the Retirement Living Sector expected on 24th November at Annual Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference....

Care Homes Conference November 2021 Agenda

The Leading Conference for the Care Homes and Retirement Living Sector returns for a 12th Year

This is comfortably the Largest Retirement Living Property gathering in the UK & the leading event for the sector, with unrivalled networking opportunities.

The day provides a detailed update on the Later Living Markets, looks where investment is coming from, and crucially analyses where the opportunities are for both those investing and operating in the sector. Hear from an unrivalled senior panel of operators, investors and advisors 

Hear about the growing opportunities in this sector & understand the key issues in the market

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Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference 2021 - Wednesday 24th November 
Covent Garden, London


Conference Timetable

Chairmans Welcome & Housekeeping

How have later living property markets emerged from the pandemic and what are we expecting going forward?

Iain Lock, Senior Director - Head of Health, Avison Young (Chair)


Understanding the Senior Living Property Jigsaw – what fits where?
Why have we seen such Investment Growth in Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living, Extra Care & Care Homes?

Busting the Myths in Retirement Living Property – what is true, what isn’t and where is it going?
Where do we see the long term split for ownership, rental and other models in Retirement Living?
Where are the biggest opportunities in the future for investment in these markets?
Looking in more detail at Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living Villages, Extra Care and Care Homes – how is the market segmented and which areas are the biggest opportunities and why?
What has happened with transaction volumes pre and post covid for Care Homes and has their been any significant change to valuations and yields?

Lauren Harwood, Head of Senior Living Research, Knight Frank

Kieren Cole, Partner - Healthcare Valuation & Advisory, Knight Frank



The Future of the Care Home Market – how has it evolved and where is it going?

Who is the target market and what are they looking for?

How is the market emerging from Covid and Brexit? What lessons have been learned and what has changed in the longer term?

Understanding how the product has changed – what was it, what is it, and what will it be in the future?

Building a Care Home Portfolio – How do you deliver it, start up an operation and build an Investment?
Where are the opportunity areas over the next decade in terms of product and location?
Where are the links between the Care Operator and the Retirement Living Operator and is there some blurring of the lines between the two?

How can this model evolve and what is the best way of delivering Care in a Retirement Living scheme?

Helen Jones, CEO, Allegra Care

Jeremy Richardson, Chief Executive, Four Seasons

Aneurin Brown, COO, Hallmark Care Homes

Iain Lock, Senior Director - Head of Health, Avison Young (Chair)



How do we create a Retirement Living Market for all with a wide range of products and care?

How can the high end, middle market, urban & affordable elements of housing for older people, and is creating a mixed community now desirable?

How much of the market is really looking to rent and is flexibility the key driver?

Will more people now sell their home to take a rental option & a better lifestyle?
What does the future of the market hold – what kind of products will providers focus on and what market are they targeting?

What is needed to make a mixed tenure community work?
What opportunities are there for Public and Private Sector Joint Ventures?

Retirement Living as part of Urban Regeneration - why is this area an opportunity for Housebuilders?
Should there be a Retirement Living Element in far more new development schemes as we look to create more mixed communities?
Is some Senior Housing now an attractive part of a town centre regeneration?

What is the demand for an urban product & how can this be met?

Who are the buyers and what kind of product are they looking for?

What is the perception of a high rise, high density Retirement Living product?

How can the sector now innovate and what can we expect to happen moving forward?

How can we deliver zero carbon, socially responsible communities?

Nick Sanderson, Chief Executive, Audley Retirement

Will Bax, Chief Executive, Retirement Villages Group

Penny Hughes, Chair, Riverstone

Henry Lumby, Managing Director, Amicala

Iain Lock, Senior Director - Head of Health, Avison Young (Chair)


Coffee and Networking Break



How can we continue to modernise and innovate in the Retirement Living Sector?

What kind of partnerships are now happening in the sector and how do we see this evolving?

Why are strategic partnerships with the public sector a very positive sign for the market?

How can we use partnership and collaboration to deliver multi tenure schemes which deliver for different sectors of the market?

How can the sector modernise further and how crucial are ESG and Modern Methods of Construction?

How can the care, security and welfare of residents be prioritised as part of an evolving business model, ensuring that all older people have somewhere desirable to live?

John Tonkiss, Chief Executive, McCarthy Stone



Looking in detail at the impacts of Covid on Care Home fees and occupancy, and Retirement Living Sales rates and values

Where were they before, and where are they now?

What are the changes and differences in terms of the different regions?

Which parts of the market have been affected the most in terms of product?

What will happen with profitability, occupancy and fee levels moving forward and what does this mean for future investment opportunities?

Amanda Nurse, Managing Director, Carterwood



How can the Senior Living Property market really connect with older people and understand them?

How can this understanding inform better decisions on product, brand, strategy and sales?

What does the customer really want when we dig deeper?

Jonty Roots, Managing Director, boomer & beyond



Questions for John, Amanda and Jonty



Networking Lunch Session



Planning, Design, Delivery & Technology
What should the modern Senior Living provider be designing and what are the key innovations?

How crucial are ESG and sustainable zero carbon developments and how can these be delivered and operated?
How do we balance modern innovation and design with the specific needs of older people?
Construction Methods – Traditional v Modern  - how do we confront issues with build costs?
Could Modular build enable a build smarter, build faster approach and what is its future for this market?

How do we solve the planning conundrum for the senior living property markets?

The Coming Age of Technology – What innovations will we see?
Understanding the Role Technology can play in the future of the Sector & How it can support the needs and lifestyles of older people – how can it boost efficiency & service?
What modern inventions & technologies might become mainstream and revolutionise the way care is delivered & the needs of older people are met?
Will technology play a big role in treatment for older people going forward and how much integration do we expect in future stock in the sector?

Anne-Marie Nicholson, Principal, Life3A

Jenny Buterchi, Partner, PRP

Sonia Parol, Design Director, Inspired Villages

Ed Warner, Founder & CEO, Motionspot

Iain Lock, Senior Director - Head of Health, Avison Young (Chair)



A discussion on Government Policy, Legislation and regulation affecting the Senior Living Property Sector – how can we deliver more housing for older people?

Social Care reform and the Health and Care Bill – what does it mean for the Retirement Living and Care sector?

Why does Retirement Living need it’s own Planning use class & how can we actually make it happen?

What issues does the sector have with planning and how can it be solved?

What recent decisions have we seen in planning for the sector and how are things progressing?

What is the average time taken to obtain detailed planning permission & how does this differ between Brownfield & Greenfield sites?

Evaluating & Reinventing Regulation & Ownership in the Retirement Living Sector – how can we change it for the better?

What other specific legislation is needed for the sector & how do we make this happen?
Is the issue with event fees and exit fees now something that is better understood?

What is the ‘Housing with Care Taskforce’ and how do we deliver sector specific legislation in the UK? What have we learned from overseas and how can this be adopted in the UK?

Nicola Gooch, Partner, Irwin Mitchell

Michael Voges, Executive Director, ARCO

Kyle Holling, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins (Chair)



The Care & Retirement Living Property Investor Session

Overview Presentation - The Key Transactions & Investments in the Care Home & Retirement Living Markets. How much activity have we seen in 2021?

Who are the players, where is the money coming from, and how is the market evolving?
Where are the opportunities from a transactional point of view looking forward?

10 Minute overview from Philip Schmid, Senior Director – UK Senior Housing, CBRE


Followed by
Investor Panel Session – where is the money coming from & what is the appetite for Senior Living Property?

Why is ESG now so important and how is it affect investment decisions?
Will the demise of some traditional property investment markets benefit the sector?

What are the key concerns for investors when it comes to Care Home & Retirement Living markets and how can these concerns be confronted and addressed?
Should an investor look to construct a care operation/partner with an operator or rent a property on a lease to an operator? What are the Pros & Cons of each approach?
How does an investor build a strategy to align itself with the right operator?

Considering each of retirement living and care homes, how can the middle market and lower market attract more investment and how can you make it work?
Where do investors stand on Retirement Living Rental Models? 

Michael Toft, Director of Care Homes, Octopus Real Estate

Andrew Ovey, Head of Healthcare, AXA Investment Management

Dan Smith, CEO, Fortwell Capital
Basil Demeroutis, Managing Partner, FORE Partnership



Closing remarks and summary from the Chair



Close of Conference followed by The Annual Retirement Living Property Sector Drinks





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