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Retirement Living Conference

Join all the leading figures in Retirement Living Property on 24th November

Care & Retirement Living Conference

Sell out audience of the Leading players in the Retirement Living Sector expected on 24th November at Annual Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference....

Care Homes Conference November 2021 Agenda

The Leading Conference for the Care Homes and Retirement Living Sector returns for a 12th Year

This is comfortably the Largest Retirement Living Property gathering in the UK & the leading event for the sector, with unrivalled networking opportunities.

The day provides a detailed update on the Later Living Markets, looks where investment is coming from, and crucially analyses where the opportunities are for both those investing and operating in the sector. Hear from an unrivalled senior panel of operators, investors and advisors 

Hear about the growing opportunities in this sector & understand the key issues in the market

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Care Homes & Retirement Living Conference 2021 - Wednesday 24th November 
Covent Garden, London


Conference Timetable

9.30am Morning Session – Includes Networking Coffee Break

Chairmans Welcome & Housekeeping

An unprecedented year for the sector – the good, the bad and the ugly.

What are we hearing on the ground and is Covid the catalyst for real growth in the sector?

The Key Factors in the Care Homes & Retirement Living Property Market going forward
The Senior Living Jigsaw – What fits where?
Retirement Housing, Assisted Living, Retirement Living Villages, Extra Care and Care Homes – how is the market segmented, how has it evolved and where might it be going?

How has the Care Home Opportunity and the Retirement Living Opportunity changed and where do they now fit together?
Have many of the myths, risks & concerns about Senior Living Property now been addressed?

How can we solve the issues with the planning regime?
How do we evolve the middle market and Retirement for Rent?

What could be the impact of Brexit on the Sector, both in terms of construction and staffing?

How can investors get into a sector and how can they deal with the issue of providing care or not?
Housing for Older People – Looking at the Growth in Demand & Need as a Property Investment Opportunity

How large is the market, where does it fit with downsizers and the overall Housing Market?

Where are the opportunities – how can the shortfall of supply be addressed?

Understanding how the needs of the market are evolving & what is needed to meet this demand
Where are the investment opportunities in the market and how is this growing?
Where do we see the long term split for ownership, rental and other models in Retirement Living?

Where do Care Homes now fit in?

How has the Senior Living Sector responded to Covid and could this be the catalyst for significant growth in investment?
How might the market evolve over the next ten years?
Where will the scale come from and how can it be achieved?
The Long-term evolution of the Care Home Market – How has it evolved and why?

What is the modern care homes market and who does it target?

Understanding how the product has changed – what was it, what is it, and what will it be in the future?

Building a Care Home Portfolio – How do you deliver it, start up an operation and build an Investment?
How do you get into the market, is there more money than opportunity & where is the smart second tier opportunity?
What modern inventions & technologies might become mainstream and revolutionise the way care is delivered & the needs of older people are met?
Where will off site and modular construction fit into the market and & what other construction advantages should operators & investors be looking at?
What kind of buildings and communities should the forward-thinking operator be building & how might this evolve in the future?
Where are the links between the Care Operator and the Retirement Living Operator?

What is the big opportunity with Retirement for Rent?
The Future Opportunity – Analysing the upcoming supply of Care Homes & Retirement Living

The Planning System – what is really happening?

A detailed study on the total number of Planning Permissions for care home and older persons housing schemes in the UK

Which are the most popular regions for submitting new planning applications?

Scheme sizes - is big always beautiful?

Urban v Rural - what are the market trends?

What is the average time taken to obtain detailed planning permission & how does this differ between Brownfield & Greenfield sites?

Which areas are likely to contain the highest density of development and where are the untapped markets for the future?

Based upon this analysis, how can an investor in the market choose the ideal location and what are the key considerations?
The Evolution of the Retirement Living Business Model
Confronting the realities of the overall Housing Market
How can the sector respond to changes in the Secondary Housing Market?
Moving forward what mix of tenures will be requirement to make retirement living work and how can a business adapt?
Where does an operational business fit in?
Evaluating & Reinventing Regulation & Ownership in the Retirement Living Sector?

How is evolving legislation supporting the Retirement Living Sector and does it need it’s own specific set of regulations?
Where do Event Fees, Ground Rents and Leasehold Reform fit in and what would best serve the sector itself?
Where does the legislative direction of travel with leasehold reform leave the sector, what are the arguments for and against, and does the Retirement Living Sector actually even need it?
How can the reputation of Event fees be reinvented as a positive?
Making things clearer - How can overall transparency transform the perception of the product and sector to the consumer?
The Social Care Green Paper – what are the key points for Retirement Living Operators to consider?
Retirement Living Property Valuation – how do you value the assets and the overall business?
With Event Fees now legally defined, how do you value the long term income from these?
In New Zealand the operational business is retained as a profit maker - how can we extract long term value from the operational business in the UK?
Why are some of New Zealand’s largest listed companies Retirement Living Operators and how can we catch up in the UK?

The Operator View – Event Fee Models, what are the options & how does an operator decide which to use?

Making the differed management model work


1.30pm – Networking Lunch Session


2.30pm – Afternoon Conference Session


Revolutionising the Sales & Marketing strategy of a modern Retirement Living Business
How can we optimise the process and customer experience?
Understanding what the Retirement Living Product is and who the target market are
How large is the market, what do they want, and how do we pitch the product to them?
The Coming Age of Technology – What innovations will we see?
Understanding the Role Technology can play in the future of the Sector & How it can support the needs and lifestyles of older people – how can it boost efficiency & service?
What modern inventions & technologies might become mainstream and revolutionise the way care is delivered & the needs of older people are met?
Will technology play a big role in treatment for older people going forward and how much integration do we expect in future stock in the sector?

Looking at Future Retirement Living Business Model Opportunities – The Middle Market, Retirement for Rent, The Urban Model & The Not for Profit Provider.

How do we create a Middle Market for Retirement Living?

How do we provide a product that is attractive and affordable for the middle market?
How might the middle market develop over the next ten years and what opportunities will it provide?
Uncovering the future of Intergenerational Business Models - how can these work and what is realistic?

Getting the Operational Side of the Business Spot on – what is required and what are the older market looking for in facilities, management & Product?
The Future of a Private Rented & Build to Rent Model in the Retirement Living Sector
Is it now time to deliver an intergenerational rental model?

What are the benefits of such a model to those who live there?
The Urban Opportunity – what is needed to open up the London market?
What is the demand for an urban product & how can this be met?

Who are the buyers and what kind of product are they looking for?
What factors determine London as the key location for Older People?

What is the perception of a high rise, high density Retirement Living product?
Does the Real Opportunity Area in Housing for Older people lie with the Not for Profit Provider?
Can the long term view taken by Not for Profits provide a more secure investment stream?
What does the future of the market hold – what kind of products will providers focus on and what market are they targeting?

What is needed to make a mixed tenure community work?
What opportunities are there for Public and Private Sector Joint Ventures?
Planning, Design & Delivery
Where are we with planning and regulation in the sector & what is needed to deliver more Retirement Housing? Should we expect or lobby for a separate use class?
What should the modern Senior Living provider be designing and what are the key innovations?
How key is adaptability when delivering a scheme in the Modern Market to ensure a secure long term investment?
How do we balance modern innovation and design with the specific needs of older people?
Construction Methods – Traditional v Modern  - how do we confront issues with build costs?
Could Modular build enable a build smarter, build faster approach and what is its future for this market?
The Key Transactions & Investments in the Care Home & Retirement Living Markets

Who are the players, where is the money coming from, and how is the market evolving?
What assets are of particular interest?
Where are the opportunities from a transactional point of view looking forward?
How can a fully operational portfolio be built and should an investor look to construct a care operation/partner with an operator or rent a property on a lease to an operator?

Investor Panel Session – where is the money coming from & what is the appetite for Senior Living Property?
The Future of Investment and Funding into the UK Senior Living Markets, who will be involved and what will attract investment?

What are the key concerns for investors when it comes to Care Home & Retirement Living markets and how can these concerns be confronted and addressed?
Should an investor look to construct a care operation/partner with an operator or rent a property on a lease to an operator? What are the Pros & Cons of each approach?
How does an investor build a strategy to align itself with the right operator?

What assets are currently of particular interest?
Where are investors looking to focus?

Is interest in the Prime and Subprime too dominant?

Considering each of retirement living and care homes, how can the middle market and lower market attract more investment and how can you make it work?
Understanding what the fund managers want
Looking at US Reits and Overseas money and why it is coming in
Where do investors stand on Retirement Living Rental Models? 
Will these become mainstream & how?
How is investment in Retirement Villages evolving and is this an opportunity area?


Conference Close & The Annual Retirement Living Property Industry Drinks Reception


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