Conference Agenda

The conference Agenda for 2024 will be published in due course. Below is the 2023 Agenda

8.30am Pre Conference Networking Session
  • Delegates arrive from 8:30am when an informal breakfast is provided, and a chance to network with other attendees, before the conference starts at 9:30am
9.30am Chairmans Welcome & Housekeeping
  • Where next for Senior Living Markets?

Speaker: Iain Lock, Managing Director Health, Avison Young (Chair)

9.40am Retirement Living Property – where are heading?
  • What is happening with investment in Integrated Retirement Communities?
  • Where is the money coming from and what are they wanting to invest in?
  • What are the key transactions?
  • What is happening with sales of units at Integrated Retirement Communities?
  • Where does the UK sit when compared to Continental Europe?

Speaker: Richard Valentine-Selsey, Head of European Living Research, Savills

9.55am What is the strategic direction of Integrated Retirement Communities (IRCs)?
  • Is the sector really understood by the general public, and most importantly, by those that it targets?
  • How can we really boost mass market sales rates of retirement living?
  • Why are planning and legislation still holding us back?
  • How can barriers that still exist really be overcome?
  • How is the approach to delivering Senior Living evolving, with sustainability, a wide range of tenures, and increased services now at the forefront?
  • Technology & Innovation in the sector – what role does modern technology & AI have to play in the future of the IRCs?
  • Reducing operational carbon – how can this be achieved and what measures are we seeing?
  • Where does technology fit in and what is being installed in IRCs?
  • What opportunities are there for Public and Private Sector Joint Ventures?
  • Integrated Retirement Communities as part of Urban Regeneration - why is this area an opportunity for Housebuilders?

Speakers: Nick Sanderson, Chief Executive, Audley Retirement,
Paula Broadbent, Managing Director, Lovell Later Living,
Philippa Kellar, Managing Director, Richmond Care Villages,
Anna Kear, CEO, Tonic Housing,
Dominic Morris, Head of Senior Living, Gowling WLG (Panel Chair)

10.25am The Care Homes Market in 2023 – a market overview
  • What are the key transactions and activity in this market and what do we expect for 2024?
  • How are we seeing the product evolving and who is investing?

Speaker: Kieren Cole, Partner - Healthcare Valuation & Advisory, Knight Frank

10.40am What is the strategic direction of the Care Homes market and the provision of care for older people?
  • What are we expecting in terms of product evolution in the next 5 years?
  • Are we going to see a big impact from artificial intelligence and other technology and how will it change the sector and the service provided?
  • What technology are we now seeing put into Care Homes?
  • How do you build a successful portfolio and operation in the sector in the current market?
  • Where are the opportunity areas over the next decade in terms of product and location?
  • Where are the links between the Care Operator and the Retirement Living Operator and is there some blurring of the lines between the two?
  • Does it make strategic sense to deliver them together as part of the same scheme?

Speakers: Helen Jones, CEO, Allegra Care,
Jeremy Richardson,
Helen Davies-Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, Dormy Care Communities,
Iain Lock, Managing Director Health, Avison Young (Chair)

11.10am Coffee and Networking Break
11.40am How has the product, service and business model evolved and what might come next?
  • Where has the product got to and how can care be provided?
  • What is the right offering in 2023 and what might it be in 5 years time – are we really winning over the general public with the product and service being offered at the moment?
  • How can we best work the care operation into the investment model?
  • Can we bring care homes and retirement together into the same scheme to create a better senior living market?

Speaker: Iain Lock, Managing Director Health, Avison Young

12.00pm The future of pricing – what does the research reveal?
  • What is really happening with market sales are Retirement Living schemes?
  • Carterwood share the latest trends and market-leading research into:
  • What is the latest on Care Homes fees – how are we seeing pricing evolve and what is realistic looking forward?

Speaker: Tom Hartley, Managing Director, Carterwood

12.20pm Questions for Iain & Tom
12.30pm Understanding the consumer – Buying, Renting, Lifestyle, Flexibility, where next?
  • How much of the market is really looking to rent and are flexibility and lifestyle the key drivers?
  • What does the future of the market hold – what kind of products will providers focus on and what market are they targeting?
  • What is the long term split between retirement for rent and for sale properties in the UK market?
  • Are Global comparisons actually useful when trying to predict where the UK market will go?
  • How can retirement living providers shape and communicate their propositions to centre around well-being?
  • How can a strong social and activities programme improve the overall community?
  • What can operators and investors do to create developments that are socially sustainable?

Speakers: Honor Barratt, Managing Director, Birchgrove,
Henry Lumby, Director of Sales & Leasing, Auriens Group,
Sian Hammer, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Audley Group,
James Cobb, Chief Customer Officer, Inspired Villages,
Iain Lock, Managing Director Health, Avison Young (Chair)

1.05pm Networking Lunch Session
2.05pm How can we completely redefine what Retirement Living is?
  • What is the market for service led flexible living concept?

Speaker: Jan Garde, Founder & Chairman, The Embassies

2.25pm How has Retirement for Rent evolved and what is the potential for this sector of the market?
  • Who is involved and what do the numbers tell us?
  • Is Retirement for Rent the next logical extension of the growing Build to Rent and Single-family housing investments?

Speaker: Philip Schmid, Senior Director – UK Senior Housing, CBRE

2.45pm Questions for Jan and Philip
2.55pm Integrated Retirement Communities – a legislative update
  • Where are we with Government lobbying to improve the issues in the sector?
  • What might be the impact in a possible change of Government on the sector?
  • How can we deliver tenure reform that fits with the modern Integrated Retirement Living Model?
  • What is needed to reform leasehold offerings and how will this increase the robustness of the investment?
  • How can we improve the reputation and understanding of the sector with the general public on a mass scale – how can we simplify the message and deliver it?

Speaker: Michael Voges, Executive Director, ARCO

3.15pm Planning, Design & Delivery
  • What should the modern Senior Living provider be designing and what are the key innovations?
  • How crucial are ESG and sustainable zero carbon developments and how can these be delivered and operated?
  • How do we balance modern innovation and design with the specific needs of older people?
  • Construction Methods – Traditional v Modern - how do we confront issues with build costs?
  • Could Modular build enable a build smarter, build faster approach and what is its future for this market?
  • How do we solve the planning conundrum for the senior living property markets?

Speaker: Jenny Buterchi, Partner, PRP

3.35pm Questions for Michael & Jenny
3.40pm Investor Panel Session – where is the money coming from & what is the appetite for Senior Living Property?
  • Why is ESG now so important and how is it affect investment decisions?
  • What are the key concerns for investors when it comes to Care Home & Retirement Living markets and how can these concerns be confronted and addressed?
  • How does an investor build a strategy to align itself with the right operator?
  • Considering each of retirement living and care homes, how can the middle market and lower market attract more investment and how can you make it work?
  • Where do investors stand on Retirement Living Rental Models and are these seen as a long term opportunity area and is this a logical extension of Build to Rent and other operational resi markets?

Speakers: Stuart Keith, Managing Director, Oaktree,
Jorge Manrique Charro, Vice President – Investments, Welltower,
Ben Rosewall, Head of Investment - Later Living, Legal & General Capital,
James Halstead, Director, Blackrock,
Kyle Holling, Partner, Trowers & Hamlins (Chair)

4.15pm Closing remarks and summary from the Chair
4.20pm Close of Conference followed by The Annual Retirement Living Property Sector Drinks